Finding Beauty in the Ordinary: Wabi Sabi Photo-a-Day Challenge – Day 1

I am inspired by the author of  “Thinking Through My Lens” and eagerly accept the game challenge for clmooc #3 proposed on that blog which I found in the Blog Hub :

“The more I have been thinking about this concept of Wabi Sabi, the more I want to explore it more intentionally through my lens …each of these (photographs) represents my interpretation of Wabi Sabi, an appreciation of the imperfect, often fleeting beauty I find through my lens.  Letting 17 syllables speak for me is a challenge, but an interesting one,  creating another layer of Wabi Sabi for me.”

So out I go with my camera…

But it was when I came back that the wabi sabi moment happened.

As I unpacked my groceries, an unshucked  ear of corn took on a new beauty for me. Something about the white strands that cover the corn – and the sudden softness of the soil covered brown strands. (I have no idea what these things are called in the world of horticulture!). This felt like beauty in the ordinary enough fo rme to stop the chores and take out the camera. And then,  after taking the photo, something else happened. Of the 3 or 4 that I took, this one suddenly looked like – a praying mantis. This reminds me of how the Zuni identify their totems – not by finding the animal but by the animal finding them. Today, a praying mantis found me – and all because I paused long enough to photograph an ordinary ear of corn.

Ear of Corn or Praying Mantis?

One thought on “Finding Beauty in the Ordinary: Wabi Sabi Photo-a-Day Challenge – Day 1”

  1. I love that your quest for the ordinary and sense of wabi sabi…and that you found it in the silky threads of an ear of corn! I’ve been enjoying my own quest…today’s find was a pair of unopened beer cans on the beach wrapped and snuggled in a tangle of kelp. Can’t wait to see what else you discover!


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