Make Cycle #6: 5 Image Story or 6 Image Memoir

A Grape's Story

I think this may be both. I started out with the idea of taking my “animated grape” through a day with me. I was originally going to try to look for the photo opportunities that lent some absurdity to the mix of proportions – the toothbrush shot was the first one I took. And then the little grape looking so big in front of the vineyard was another conscious choice. The rest just happened as I carried the little guy around with me. So, it then became more of “my” day that I was sharing with him (her?). And how could my love of wine – and the many years I spent with my husband, not come into the picture somehow – so voila! – the last shot!

I was really drawn to the idea of a story without words. I love so many of the picture books without words – especially those of David Weisner. But I couldn’t resist at least a title and the play on words that I had in mind right from the start.

There are also aspects of the images (and the story) that the perfectionist in me would want to reshoot and revise – but the openness of what we are doing – and the generosity of the spirit of experimentation that has been generated allowed me to let this be as it is, flaws and all.

I am tempted to dive into the many ways this was an engaging creative thinking process that could be applied to the connected learning that goes on in a classroom. But I won’t! I just want to take away the immense pleasure it was to be creative and think on my own and share the results with an equally thoughtful and creative community. Thank you one and all!


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