Make #4 – Systems

It has been a busy week at our Summer Institute, so I have not had a lot of time to experiment with the idea of systems. I was thinking though about systems that I sometimes take for granted such as the U.S. Postal System – how do they transport and organize all of that stuff? And the NYC Subway system – how do they manage the trains on multiple overlapping routes and tracks? And then I found a site that gives you a chance to actually experience the “Signaling and Interlocking System” of the NYC subway system!
I think the above link takes you more directly to the simulator than the image below.
Anyway, I was excited that this combines the ideas of a “game” and the practical reality of an urban “system”. And pushing that thinking further into the future – will it be the game-makers who will be our most successful system-makers to help us manage our complex future world? I should probably mention that I am reading “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline so my thinking is somewhat skewed towards imagining constructed virtual worlds!
What I am wondering now is what systems might we need or want that we have not yet created or imagined? I want my next thoughts to go out of the realm of current reality. I like the Rube Goldberg approach proposed by Kevin – if I can just push my thinking outside the box of the here and now!

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