Make #5: Stories and Spaces

I am already late – and have little time to execute this story properly – but I wanted to share my idea about public spaces.

I have always wanted to explore (photographically) what I have found to be “private spaces in public places in NYC.” These 3 photos are examples of what I mean: all are public places that somehow afford an opportunity for some quiet personal space. I did start to make a list earlier in the week and I want to explore some of the ways others found to “tell” their stories. I just need to find the time…

Central Park, NYCLehman College, Bronx NYNYC Subway Train

4 thoughts on “Make #5: Stories and Spaces”

  1. I love that concept of private nooks in public spaces (and the reverse: public crannies in private spaces). That bench looks very inviting …

  2. Love the photos and your idea of private space in a public venue. Doesn’t that happen even at social events, such as cocktail parties? There may be a ton of people and noise, but oftentimes two people or a small group find a way to conduct a private conversation.

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