Unofficial CV for Digiwrimo 2015

My unofficial CV is a the start of something I want to explore this month – alternate uses of photos such as this intentionally torn piece of one of my own photos. And how might text or sound be layered onto or into this – physically or digitally? And what have other artists done that could inform my own creative thinking?  I’ll use this blog to chronicle my journey and share it in the Digiwrimo spaces this month. I know I will be inspired by others in the Digiwrimo community to see what I can do that may be new to me, out of the box or out of the comfort zone.
I am adding this list to explain how this image is an introduction to who I am as well:
It’s a photograph, a found image, an abstraction
It is from the NYC subway and the floor of my NYC apartment
It’s on textured, touchable paper and on real wood
It is open to interpretation.



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