Theme Two: Visual

I am always looking for the “artistic image” in the seemingly unartistic, uninteresting or ignored spaces. It means I walk a little slower past construction (or destruction) sites, stop short at seemingly uninteresting places and look closely or with a cropping in mind to isolate something that could be considered “abstract art.” For this theme, I am only just beginning to pursue the challenge I set for myself which is to combine writing with images. I started by looking back through my iPhone images for those that were inspired by what I sometimes call “found art” or “wall art” or “What is art?” This is only step one in the process. Before the end of the week (time is so limited except for this extra day off in the middle!) I want to add writing to these pieces – somehow. Not sure how yet, but I am interested in what Nathalie and Wendy shared about Bazaart.

Here re 6 images from this past year that have nothing necessarily to do with each other but will be my visual palette for this week’s writing.

Wall Art


2 thoughts on “Theme Two: Visual”

  1. ” looking for the “artistic image” in the seemingly unartistic” I love that.
    I don’t think that I will see things that I pass by the same way after reading your post Grace, thank you for that 🙂

    On another note, I watched a TED talk about how restrictions encourage creativity. You’ve chosen your own palette, and, if I’ve understood correctly, it is a limited one in a way. I can’t wait to see and learn from your creations.

  2. What I find intriguing is how I began to look for patterns in the images you gathered and shared, Grace. I guess that’s what our mind does — seeks to understand the system of information — in this case, a collection of images.

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