Theme Two: Visual.2

Inspiration #1: Stopping to look at an unlikely place – the peeling wall.Wall Art

Inspiration #2: Photographing a section of it

Inspiration #3: The freewriting that came out like this…

What is behind? But so much is in front. The cover-it-up paint. The announcements and pleas. The world as we want it to be. The stage and screen and someone else’s idea of beauty.  Were they layered on with care and thought by the ones with the message? Or were they just assignments carried out for cash? And now they are not being peeled away by curious caretakers to reveal assorted truths. Instead they are withering away. In the drying out, in the sun-bleached fading, or rain drenched neglect they are slipping off their perch. Edges droop, images fade, messages are butchered. No one sees what was originally sung or savored or sold. It is a blur of lost intentions.

Even when they were new those were thin pronouncements needing glue to stick to their mount. What they have become is a soup of voices stirred together by time and their own colorful character. They are now a new sound, a new voice: no longer wailing or wooing but a complex chord that my lens catches with surprise. And this new message, whatever it is, will be the wall that lives.


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