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#6 Photo-a-Day: December 2015

It seems I missed day #5!

Here is Day #6 which shows my final effort in this year’s Christmas decorations. I have enjoyed playing with purposely moving the camera (in this case, my phone!) to get those lines of movement but I was also taken by the “glow” of the colors on the wall.




#3 Photo-a-Day: December 2015

I let today’s real shot go by un-photographed…I was in the subway on my way to work standing near the door looking down the row of seats. Miraculously, there was no one on an electronic device! And even more surprising there were 2 things in my line of sight at once:  a man right next to me not only reading the newspaper, but using a pen doing the crossword puzzle. And further down in the row of seats there was a young girl – maybe about 9 or 10 years old – engrossed in reading a book! How I wanted to get out the phone and take a photo! But my reservations about invading personal space took over and I just looked and smiled – and moved on as my stop approached and the rest of the work day took over. But that image stays with me.

So what is today’s photo? Way back, when I got my first camera, I used to challenge myself to take images right at home without the fascinating location or the special people or event. So that’s what I did this evening. I sat and said “Oh no! I didn’t take a photo today! What am I seeing from here that I could photograph?” So here it is – my photo of the day:


#1 Photo-a-Day: December 2015


This is a Christmas ornament that I saw in a shop in Wurstboro, NY with a mind-blowing amount of beautiful things. I want to accept the challenge of a photo-a-day but I am adding on my own challenge of writing  a line or a caption to go with it. It will remain “all about the image” but I will add a small amount of text – a word, a line, a short paragraph – to go with it or inspired by it.

Day#1: Leaves on and off the treesIMG_4306


Photo Challenge: Found

I haven’t kept up with meeting the weekly challenges Kim Douillard has been posting but her ideas and images continue to be inspiring. So, what did I find this weekend?

I was waiting for the East River Ferry to go to the Photoville exhibition space in Brooklyn, hoping to be inspired by gobs of photography exhibited in ships’ containers. (it turned out to be pretty awesome!) I had taken this route many times before so I wasn’t finding anything very unusual at the slip as I waited. Until I looked into the water. Through my lens, I cropped away the distractingly beautiful skyline and bridges of NYC to discover the light IN the water! The first shot was thoroughly by accident and once I saw what I found there, I started to try others. None worked for me like that first one. I think the choppiness of the water made for an extra active play of sunlight on the surface. And then, moving back into less close up and more realistic focus, I (again accidentally) caught the purveyor of these lights – Mr. Sun – all alone on smoother waters. I think I like these 2 together for some reason. I wonder if other viewers could help me articulate what is happening here. My inclination would be to fall back on my favorite poetic form, the haiku:

lights on the water

jumping, scattering, emerging

from one

I love “thinking through my lens” as a mantra and a source of inspiration – both the phrase itself and Kim’s blog.